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Mindset Coaching for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

One of the coaching services I offer is Mindset Coaching. This coaching empowers leaders, senior managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to create the professional and personal life they want successfully.

Research indicates that influential executive leaders create the conditions for success. They have clarity of purpose and action, essential ingredients for leading teams with maximum impact. Such leaders can envisage short and long-term goals and create focused plans to realise them.

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset is a set of beliefs which influence how you think, feel, and behave in particular situations, as well as the beliefs you hold about yourself and how you interact with the world around you. Most people, at some time or another, have an unhelpful outlook, and false or self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs are a set of perceptions, value statements or assumptions that can hold the person back from successfully achieving their professional and personal goals. Success or failure can hinge on mindset because itt directly affects how you behave in each situation. For leaders, it can have a major impact on others around them, such as employees.

Coaching for mindset change aims to help change how an individual behaves and thinks, enabling them to continually develop their leadership abilities. This shift can allow them to overcome specific limiting beliefs and personal blocks, enabling them to fulfil their highest potential.

As a coach that does mindset work with clients, I offer a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space that enables clients to look inwards and access their inner resourcefulness to better understand their unhelpful thinking habits. This includes increased awareness of their emotions and the connection to their resulting behaviours. This type of coaching aims to facilitate a more helpful, success-oriented mindset.


My Approach

The integrated coaching I offer is underpinned by aspects of existential philosophy and cognitive behavioural theory. I also use an integrated approach which means that while the coaching is primarily goal-oriented, results-driven and future-focused, should a more profound issue or personal barrier arise, I can help clients help themselves to process and overcome this.

I provide sessions mostly online, and some face-to-face space for transformational coaching conversations, focusing on how clients are ‘being’ in their professional and personal lives. As a mindset coach, I also help the client to help themselves to tackle problematic thinking, outlooks, values and beliefs, to shed light on the heart of the issue,  and replace what is unhelpful with that which is helpful.

It is important to note that mindset coaching is not advice-giving or psychotherapy in its typical and purest form. It is a structured, future-focused and results-driven process that empowers the client to establish the key issues and the steps they want to take to resolve these for themselves. I offer weekly and alternate weekly sessions, usually 3 or 6 months with options to renew if needed.


Mindset Coaching Issues

Leaders who seek out mindset coaching will have a wide variety of concerns. For example, some clients…

  • Have a deep desire to create personal and professional change.
  • Are grappling with feelings of confusion or feel lost or stuck around an issue or set of issues.
  • Aspire to excel professionally and want to actively make their dreams a reality.
  • Have an idea of what they want but are unsure exactly how to achieve it.
  • Want a achieve or reconnect with a clear sense of purpose.
  • Are beset by self-limiting beliefs that are obstructing their success.
  • Have had some recent success and want more.
  • Grapple with compulsive behaviours.
  • Are leaders newly recruited to the role.


Benefits of Mindset Coaching

There are many proven benefits of mindset coaching, which include the following:

  • Improved mental health.
  • Increased resilience.
  • Increased life satisfaction.
  • Enhanced confidence.
  • Increased productivity, both at work and home.
  • It brings clarity, self-awareness, and focus.
  • It helps to establish clear future-focused goals.
  • Facilitates identification and review of options.
  • Enables the creation of a precise results-driven plan with actionable steps.
  • Helps alleviate stress, confusion, and anxiety.



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