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Coaching to enable leaders and senior managers to flourish professionally and personally.                                                                                                             

  • Are you a leader experiencing stress, overwhelm or mental health and wellbeing concerns?
  • Are you aiming for higher performance but notice something getting in the way?
  • Are you grappling with unhelpful thinking or behaviour that affects your work?
  • Do you find that being successful at work has consequences for your home life? 

Whether the coaching client can relate to any of these questions, or whether they have other concerns, my integrated coaching approach can empower leaders to boost wellness, clear personal blocks, find lasting relief, increase self-awareness, and develop new coping strategies, enabling them to flourish and find fulfilment, both at work and home. Integrated coaching is great for leaders who don’t quite feel ready for, need, or desire deep therapy work, but who still need a little more depth than traditional coaching.


Recent Wellness Challenges

Long overdue, workplace mental health in recent years has become an important topic. This is particularly true given environmental stressors such as public health, energy and financial crisis and political turmoil. Varied mental health initiatives were provided increasingly within organisations for the wider workforce. Meanwhile, C-Suite leaders, senior managers, and entrepreneurs (leaders) across the globe have been tasked with surfing waves of considerable uncertainty. Many faced leading their teams through turbulent times whilst trying to provide adequate operational and well-being support for employees, ensuring the organisation’s financial survival and managing their day-to-day lives.

No mean feat.

Today, weary global leaders, HR professionals, senior managers and founders near and far are still feeling the impact. For many, it remains a tough time, and research shows record numbers of leaders are struggling with mental health or well-being concerns.

This is of considerable concern. Leaders bear much of the burden of responsibility for organisational success and employee satisfaction. Given how important and impactful they are to an organisation, how engaged they are, and how well they function due to mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual wellness is paramount. E.g. a leader grappling with burnout is likely less engaged and energised. Therefore, they can have an unconscious and unintended detrimental impact on their staff team and organisation.


What The Research Evidence Says

Growing research reveals that leaders are increasingly struggling with stress, burnout and other varied mental and other health concerns. Recent research into the mental health of the C-suite, high-level executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs revealed:

  • 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering leaving their job for one that better supports their well-being.
  • At the time of writing, research suggests 40% of leaders will quit within the next 12 months in the UK
  • 70% of C-suite executives are currently struggling with burnout.
  • Mental health conditions are significantly higher in CEOs (49%) than in the general population (1 in 8).
  • C-Suite executives are more prone to mental health conditions than their employees.
  • 60%of leaders’ mental health issues have developed into potentially unhelpful coping mechanisms.
  • Despite this, CEOs seek much less support than the average population, with 39% of leaders stating they would not seek help due to fear of the impact on their social standing and professional reputation.
  • 2 in 5 leaders use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and cope with poor mental health.
  • 70% of entrepreneurs experience mental health issues at some point in their working life compared to 48% of non-entrepreneurs.


Revealing vulnerability can feel uncomfortable for some in senior posts and can induce fear of harm to leadership or business reputation and even job safety. Research findings above show only 38% of leaders would seek help if needed.

However, leaders need not experience this alone or in silence. Feeling vulnerable or struggling does not make leaders weak. It is a strength to seek support when needed; even the most high-achieving and capable leader also needs help.


How Does Work-Life Harmony Coaching Offer A Powerful, Sustainable Solution?

Integrated executive coaching generally takes account of both the professional and personal world of the leader. Ultimately, it aims to support leaders to clear internal blocks causing interference, which can then allow them to show up as more effective, impactful and present.

This executive coaching helps leaders to explore the values and beliefs which underpin their purpose and motivations. However, it also empowers leaders to protect and boost their energy, vitality, quality of life and professional and personal success.  Leaders (and their organisations) can achieve more by adjusting unhelpful mindsets and behaviours.


Issues That Can Be Tackled

There are numerous potential gains this type of coaching can help leaders and senior managers, which include:

Boosted Energy Levels
Improved Self-Care
Increased Resilience
Transformed Unhelpful Thinking
Reduced Anxiety
Increased Stress Management
Burnout Recovery
Increased Self-Confidence

The coaching is a transformational, future-focused, results-driven process for high performance. I offer weekly and alternate weekly coaching sessions, for a pre-agreed number of sessions, that can be renewed according to client need. If you’d like to find out more or for the next steps, please take a look at the information below.


The first step is for us to have a consultation. This is for me to get to know you and to give you a sense of me and how I work, to get a clear sense of what you’d like or need from this process, and so we can both establish we are a right fit to work together. To book your no-obligation 30-minute discovery call with me, Belinda Joseph-Pirame,  I’m available via Tel: 07714 028837 or Email: