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Welcome. If you are thinking of starting psychotherapy therapy, executive coaching, or wellbeing workshops, you may have questions about it. Below is some information about how my service works and how to book an appointment.

Should I do therapy or coaching?

I offer pure psychotherapy (pure meaning therapy without any coaching) to adult clients from all walks of life with a variety of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, anger, relationship issues, multi-cultural issues, etc. Alongside this, I also offer integrated executive coaching to leaders, senior managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and similar executives. Integrated coaching is unique in that it provides the dynamic future-focused, results-driven and goal-oriented energy of coaching with the exploratory and restorative energy of therapy. This is particularly beneficial to leaders who have professional goals and want to fulfil their potential, but are experiencing personal blocks or deeper concerns.

An example of this is a leader may want to boost their leadership performance, impact, and effectiveness but may be grappling with unhelpful thinking, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or even burnout. As a dual-trained Existential and CBT Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, I am uniquely placed to offer integrated coaching, moving between therapy or coaching techniques flexibly, in a structured way and as needed in response to what the client is bringing. I agree with clients in advance which service they'd receive to ensure clarity and structure.


What's the process for getting started?

We usually begin with a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation call. This is a free video call to give you a sense of me and how I work, as well as for me to get a sense of you and what you’d like help with. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions and subsequently book psychotherapy or coaching sessions if you'd like to.

This is also the process if you are enquiring about bespoke workshops.


Will I receive advice?

Neither psychotherapy or executive coaching involves giving you advice. Advice is where an expert tells you what they think you should do. In therapy and coaching, the aim is to help empower you to find your own answers and make informed decisions about your personal and professional life. On rare occasions, I am directive. For example, if a client is at high risk of harm to self or others, I follow legal and ethical requirements around safeguarding and managing risk.


How many sessions do I need?

Although circumstances vary for clients, for those receiving weekly psychotherapy, the length of the therapy varies. In my experience, ending usually occurs when the client feels like they’ve achieved what they wanted from the process. It's my usual practice to review with clients how things are progressing at intervals and to work towards a planned ending. However, if receiving executive coaching, each package has a pre-allocated length with the option to renew and recontract.


How do I pay?

All client fees are paid directly to Eudaimonic Therapy and Coaching.

Therapy Fees: If you are paying for psychotherapy, you are invoiced via the secure telehealth platform Power Diary on a session-by-session or monthly in advance basis.  If covered by health insurance, you will need to check with your provider what and how much you are covered for and who you can receive therapy sessions from before getting started. I then invoice your health insurer (you pay a deductible if there is one). This will need to be clear before you begin therapy for greater ease. If covered by an employer, I invoice them monthly.


Coaching Fees: With coaching, full coaching packages must be paid for in full in advance via invoice links or BACS, whether by individuals or sponsor organisations.


How much are your fees?

'Pure' Psychotherapy Fees
Weekly sessions £150 per session.

Integrated Coaching Fees

Individual Rates (business owners, entrepreneurs, etc):

3 month  = £4,375 upfront or £1,500 per month in advance 
6 month = £8,750 upfront or £1,500  per month in advance 
Extra one-off sessions = £350
Sessions are usually weekly and packages can be renewed.

Organisational Rates (Corporate Organisations):

3 month = £6565  upfront or £2,200 in advance per month
6 month = £12, 865 upfront £ £2,200 in advance per month
Extra one-off sessions = £525
Sessions are usually weekly and packages can be renewed.

Session packages are also available alternate weekly for 3 and 6 months duration.

Consultancy Fees/Bespoke Training Delivery
Half-Day Rate (3 hours) = £600
Full Day Rate  (6 hours) = £1,200

Executive Retreats
Please book a consultation for bespoke package pricing.


What do you do with my data?

I hold all client data confidentially and securely. Please read the privacy policy for more information.


How do I book an appointment with you?

Please go to the contact form at the bottom of this page. This usually takes minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can email me at or call me at Tel: 07714 028837.

For more info about executive therapy and coaching, and wellbeing workshops, click here

Ask Me A Question

Feel free to ask me any questions by calling me, Belinda, on 07714 028837 or sending your inquiry via the contact form below.