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If you are a company leader,  senior manager, HR professional or entrepreneur, you’ll no doubt be aware that it can be a hugely enriching and exciting role. However, even the most adept of leaders may sometimes hit a bump in the road and experience wellbeing challenges.

Leaders need to keep setting compelling goals to continue to improve their skills, lead teams effectively, improve communication, boost motivation, and, overall benefit themselves and their organisations.

I offer though-provoking, transformative, effective, results-driven, and future focused executive coaching to help leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches to be the best version of themselves and fulfil their highest potential.


Leadership Challenges

The leaders I work with are usually from a professional or corporate background within  organisations of various sizes. Some clients are CEO entrepreneurs or fellow wellbeing practitioners such as private sector therapists and coaches.

The clients I work with  come to me may be experiencing challenges around:

  • Increasing leadership and personal effectiveness
  • Developing clear strategies to achieve organizational success
  • Gaining clarity around goals and what to do to achieve them
  • Improving communication and relationships with employees/peers/stakeholders
  • Boosting work-life balance
  • Establishing purpose, passion and meaning fectively navigating transition e.g., supporting leaders new to the role
  • Improving time-management
  • Overcoming internal barriers e.g., imposter syndrome, unhelpful thinking habits,

As a fully qualified executive coach, with an additional 23 years’ psychotherapy experience and a further 12 years leadership experience, I am passionate about offering deep coaching that enables high achieving leaders to further excel, and be the best version of themselves.


What Is Executive Coaching?

Many people debate the difference between coaching with therapy. While there is a bit of an overlap between the two, broadly speaking, the therapy work I do with therapy clients tends to focus on deep, progressive, emotional exploration and healing to affect the past,  present, and future.

Executive coaching is about you the coachee, and I the coach, working in equal partnership to have a concise, powerful, thought-provoking, future-focused, action-oriented, and results-driven conversation. This helps you to either identify issues and obstacles blocking you from success, or aspects where you’ve experienced success and wish to further excel,  to unlock the solutions  which lay within you, creating significant sustainable change.

My coaching approach is influenced by aspects of existential philosophy positive psychology and NLP and CBT. These theoretical underpinnings help coaching clients to establish what is meaningful, identify and overcome internal barriers, and/action strategies to flourish, and create lasting change.

The Proven Benefits Of Executive Coaching

The benefits of executive coaching on both the individual and their organisation are well documented. Executive coaching can identify what you want to accomplish and develop a clear pathway to success, which in turn helps to elevate the future of your company.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) in their Global Coaching Client Study revealed that 86% of companies stated they had made back at least their investment in coaching, typically more than three times the return on investment (ROI). 19% of companies saw 50 times the ROI. Research also consistently shows executive coaching brings a wealth of benefits to both the leader and the organisation including:

Individual Benefits

  • Improved work performance
  • Clarity of thought
  • Increased awareness
  • More self confidence
  • Better business management
  • Better mental health and wellbeing
  • Improvements in leadership
  • Effective communication skills
  • Better work life-balance
  • Increase motivation


Organisational Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Improved work relationships
  • Improved teamwork
  • Lower presenteeism/absenteeism
  • Increased staff motivation
  • Group purpose
  • Health work culture
  • Unlocking collective potential
  • Sustainable change
  • More growth and opportunities



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