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Trauma is an emotional, psychological and physiological response to high levels of stress and fear that occur as a result of a distressing life event, such as a threat to life (real or perceived), natural disaster, rape, abuse, or an accident, etc.

Trauma can be acute (resulting from a single event), chronic (where trauma is repeated and persistent) or, complex (where trauma is from multiple and varied, often invasive and interpersonal, traumatic events).

What can happen after a traumatic event is commonly referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma can be quite frightening as it can feel overwhelming to the senses. The good news is that trauma counselling can help to ease trauma symptoms and bring about recovery and healing.

How this presents can vary from person to person. Some common symptoms are:

Physical Symptoms
Sexual dysfunction
Pelvic/back/neck pain
Gut dysfunction
Sleep problems
Eating problems/disorders
Gynaecological problems
Frequent urination
Post traumatic stress
Emotional Symptoms
Feelings of guilt or shame
Self blame
Anxiety or panic
Feeling overwhelmed
Panic attacks
Fear of not being believed
Behavioural Symptoms
Sexual dysfunction
Drug misuse
Alcohol misuse
Eating disorders
Avoiding being alone
High-risk behaviours
Altering appearance
Cognitive Symptoms
Poor concentration
Concerns about masculinity
Social withdrawal
Loss of motivation
Suicidal ideas
Negative thinking
Body dysmorphia

How Therapy Can Help You

Trauma can very difficult to manage in the day-to-day for the sufferer. The impact is often detrimental, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to the sufferer and their relationships.  

Sometimes the trauma sufferer might feel shame, or fear of taking a look at things more closely, or, may not realise the extent of how they’ve been affected. Others can be left with long term struggles in making sense of and trying to live with the trauma experienced. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a vital opportunity to make sense of what’s happened in a safe, sensitive, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Please note, if you’re loved one of a trauma sufferer, whether by sexual and/or domestic abuse, threat to life, rape or natural disaster, we also offer therapy to help you. 

We are unable to offer support to perpetrators of any type of domestic/sexual abuse or sexual violence. Should you need help regarding this, please visit – Partner Violence Domestic Abuse Programme or

*Please note that the mention domestic abuse related services above does not constitute legal advice, not can I guarantee that the information is always up to date.